Once more, like last month, the warehouse is engulfed in flames. At least, what was left of the warehouse from before. But no one could escape, because he wasn't letting them. He was using the power of the Phoenix Force, something he didn't fully understand, to finally rid him of everything that caused him pain and heartache. Everything that had ever let him down. Everything that had ever lead him on. Everything that had ever told him that he had a chance, a real and true chance, of being happy.

Most people would have assumed that it would be Joker at the forefront of all of this. That he'd destroy the city and the world with chaos. But it wasn't him the Phoenix took a hold of. It wasn't him that the Phoenix wanted to help. It was Joe. Joe, who was so pent up with anger and hurt, pent up with frustration and sadness, a deepening depression that was only getting worse. Because the Phoenix could help him destroy those who brought him to this level. And the Phoenix could then destroy him as well, finally ending it.

And for a while, the plan of Joe, possessed by the Phoenix, has actually works. His anger and pain is fueling him, causing the temperatures to rise, things to melt, people's lives thrown into turmoil.

Now now, do you really think you're going to be accomplishing anything here?

The voice is that of Joker, who for once during these weeks, is not in control. And normally, that would be cause for celebration. Normally that would mean that Joe found a way to take his life back, to be in control, to make everything work in his favor. Normally, having the Joker seemingly worried would be a great sign.

But the world is burning down around them, and Joe is the cause of it, ultimate power destroying him from the inside out, and even Joker is terrified at what is happening. Because this power didn't pick him, it picked Joe. It picked Joe to pull from his emotions, his anger, his frustration, his fear. His pent up aggression that he hadn't been able to get out.

You're not going to control me now, Joker.

Who said anything about control! Joe, ol' boy, ol' pal, think about what you're doing! We need each other.

Do we? You're part of the problem, part of the reason that so much of my life has gone to shit. And now, I'm the one with the power. I am the one who will cleanse this Earth and city of all that has ever wronged me.

And what about --

-- And that also means you.

What? Are you...crazy? You'll die! We can't die! We're immortal, remember?

This power, I can feel it. It will destroy even those who can't be destroyed.

Joe, I --

Shut up.

And Joker's voice is silent, and Joe can't even feel him protesting. He'd consider it a good sign, but Joe isn't of his full mind right now. Fire and fury, teleportating those who need to die into his half burned warehouse, with fire starting up all around it. The whole day has come to this. Finally getting rid of everyone who has ever wronged him. Everyone who has ever caused him pain. There is a lot.

He doesn't expect that people will come to stop him, because he knows a lot of people would be glad if he got rid of these people. Hell, one person in particular who keeps trying to worm her way into your life, even if she claims she's not. Screaming that she loves him, that she always meant it, and he knows it's bullshit. It's always been bullshit, because she lies through her teeth always, telling only the truth when she thinks it will benefit her and even then the truth is a lie. She's ruined his life. And she's the reason, the real reason for all of his pain. Joker? He's just a side effect. She's far worse than he is. At least Joker never lies right to your face when he's shoving a knife through your chest.

And so the end starts. People are screaming and trying to get through to Joe, but he doesn't hear them. When he finally does, he turns to see a weird selection of people trying to help. He fights them off, he hurts friends that he didn't want to hurt, and he starts to falter a bit.

When he hears the screams of those trapped in the fire, his resolve grows stronger, reminding him of what he needs to do.

But it's not until he hears a familiar voice, a male, that he whips around and stares at him with wide eyes. And Joker, Joker stirs and Joe can feel it.

"Joe?" The man says, and Joe knows he's staring at his brother, Brad. But Joker knows him as someone else, and starts laughing..

Kill him, Joe! He's part of the problem! Look at him! He has no idea what is going on, you can take him out, once and for all!

"No! I'm not you!" Joe screams out, as people can tell he's struggling against himself.

KILL HIM. KILL BRUCE WAYNE. KILL THE BATMAN! Joker is screaming in Joe's head and Joe screams out loud and uses all the power that the Phoenix has and he removes everyone from the location.

He removes all that he teleported in to kill, he extinguishes the fire, he sends all of those who came to fight him back to their homes. Everyone back to their homes, safe and sound, and Joe falls hard to the ground as Joker is in his head screaming that he didn't just finish off everyone like he said he would. What good was his word anymore?

Alone, and on the pavement, he feels the Phoenix force leave him, and he feels his body collapse even more. He falls forward, his hands on the pavement, his head hanging low.

Joker is screaming at Joe once more, and Joe just closes his eyes. "Shut. The. Fuck. Up." He hisses out loud, and once more, Joker actually listens and stops talking. Taking in the silence, Joe gets up, and starts the long stumble on the way home, only hoping that the destruction he caused...is easily repaired. He doesn't know, though. And, it will be a long road ahead.

But, in some weird, sick, and twisted way, Joe won. But he's not sure he likes the price he paid to win. And he's tired of the regret he feels, every day.

And he's tired of immortality, most of all.