"you're not mad?"


"oh thank goodness! i was worried you would hate me or something for a minute! i'm so happy. we can still have loads of fun, you'll see!"

"Of course, Harley! We will."

"i really did miss ya though."

"I missed you too, sweetheart. But I'm back, and I won't be going away again."

The phone goes flying against the wall in the apartment and breaks in two, as he stares at the wall, eyes dark, his hands clenched tightly into fists that his knuckles turn white. Not mad? Oh no, he's not mad, he's livid, and now he's got a broken phone and he resists the urge to mutter look what you made me do, because he's got Joe in his head telling him to calm down.

"If you think I am going to listen to some pretty boy, then you are more insane than I am!" he says, as Joe replies in his head We're sharing the same body, asshole. He shrugs. That's not important.

What is important is that he's angry. He had such a wonderful start to the week too, realizing just how easily things were falling into his lap, and there was only one thing to make it all the same as it used to and she pulled away from him. How dare she? How dare she move on, when it wasn't even his fault that he wasn't around? Joe reminds him that he likes her boyfriend and that maybe Joker should not be so angry about things, but he dutifully ignores it. He has to play nice, to keep her on his side, to get others on his side, he's not an idiot. He's aware of what had happened in the past, and he knows their history. He knows His history, and well...it's colorful to say the least.

But there are urges he has to get out, and he has to find a way to express it, or well things could end bad for everyone. And that just wouldn't do, would it?

After a trip to the Verizon Wireless store to get Joe a new phone (and then a few disposable phones for himself), he returns to Joe's apartment. He sets the new smartphone Joe wanted to the side, and Joker takes out one of the disposable phones, and dials a number that Joe embarrassingly knows by heart. "Maybe you're good for something, Joey boy!" He cackles as the phone rings. A woman picks up, and he starts to make arrangements. He has specific requests, and picks a shady hotel in Somerville to meet her at. He hangs up the phone, and leaves, making sure he has all the things he needs.

Joe is pleading with him to not do anything stupid, but Joker just cackles.

He takes the subway, using Joe's knowledge, to Somerville, and walked to the place in Davis Square, and heads on up, where he finds the woman already in the room waiting for him. She's wearing a blond wig, which is in high pigtails. The escort happily greets him with an enthuisastic "Hiya, Mistah J!"and she giggles, but the voice is all off. And the outfit is...

"What the fuck are you wearing?" Joker demands as the door is shut behind him, and he walked towards the bed with anger in his eyes. "I specifically asked for the original outfit, not this Hollywood bullshit," He hisses, and the woman laughs.

"Awe, I won't be keepin' the clothes on for long, sugah!" Which, of course is said because she just wants what she's getting paid for, but it's too many strikes against her. "Why don't you just come over here, and let Harley make you feel good..."

Joker cuts her off, anger in his eyes, "Oh, you won't, because you're just a common whore aren't you? You're nothing like her. The voice is wrong, the outfit is wrong," and he goes up to her and snatches the wig off her head and tosses it, "Your hair color isn't even real. This just won't do!" She yelps as he rips the wig off her head, and holds onto her black hair.

The woman drops the act, angry, gets off of the bed. She approaches him and pokes him directly i the center of the chest, "Listen buddy, you still owe me for this stupid Harley Quinn getup you made me get! I'm gonna get you blacklisted, you dick!" Which, is good for her to try, but it's a mistake as he immediately approaches her and his hand is around her neck.

"You really don't know who you're talking to," His voice lowers, darker, and he reaches into his pocket, where he pulls out a knife and laughs, and slams her back into a wall, "But let's put a smile on your face, huh?"

The woman struggles against him, "You're taking this Joker thing a little too seriously! Fucking let me go!"

He laughs excitedly, as Joe starts protesting in his head, knowing what is going to happen but isn't able to stop it. Joker's laugh cuts off as he says, "You have no idea."

Instead of using the knife though, Joker lets go of her neck and he double bolts the door locked. She starts to panic, trying to get away from him as quickly as she can, but her barefoot hits the blond wig on the floor and she slips, and falls, smashing her head directly into the dresser and she falls lifeless to the floor.

Joker stands there, stunned, as Joe is screaming in his head look what you did! You got her killed! "She killed herself by running, though I suppose it was bound to happen sometime! We all die, Joey boy. Except for me." He can feel Joe panicking, and this only causes him to laugh. "You know how to get away with these things, this is your career, right? Well come on, lawyer, tell me what to do. Make yourself useful."

There is a moment that Joker doesn't think that Joe is going to work with him, but he reluctantly agrees, and Joker actually listens and follows the instructions. He can tell it's making Joe sick to be working with him, and this only makes Joker laugh harder, "Face it, you're stuck with me." Joe is silent.

Joker follows the next step and calls the cops - but a very specific cop that Joe tells him to call. The man arrives and greets him as 'Joe', and so Joker plays along. He's a former student that can be bought off, and he agrees to make this disappear. Money exchanges hands (and Joker is amused to find Joe is slightly corrupt. Not a lot, but it's enough to work with for now) and he leaves. So what if the Harley Quinn escort is dead? She didn't get the job done, she wasn't close to what he had asked for, and truthfully, he was just going to kill her anyway. Maybe. Most likely. Depending on what his mood had been like.

Joe is upset and freaking out the whole way home and Joker is just rolling his eyes and letting him vent it out. It's not until they're home that Joker finally says, "Either you're with me or you're against me, Joe. If you're against me, I'll find a way to get rid of you for good. We both know who is more capable of overpowering the other." I don't want to work with you! You wanted to kill that girl! Hell, you hired a woman to dress like your ex, because she's seeing someone else, that's fucked up! I have a life, I have friends, I have a job, and you are not going to be messing things up for me more than you already have! Joe protests and Joker laughs.

He looks in the mirror hanging in the hallway of the apartment, as if he's addressing Joe. "If you really think that's fucked up, you haven't seen anything yet." Joker starts to cackle and the laughter dissolves into madness.

Joe, terrified and scared, for his part is silent again.