joseph edison
Joseph Nathan Kerris-Edison was born into a well known family of geniuses -- because well everyone knows the Edison name. While he was raised around scientists, mathematicians, and professors, Joseph took his little pleasures when he could get them. He'd try to find a way to make everything a game as much as possible, and the more he hung around his family, the more he became more interested in the intricacies that came with being an Edison. Almost all of the family were closed off from others, but Joseph didn't want to be like that. He wanted a social life, he wanted friends, he wanted to be known for who he was and not just his name. Of course, this was hurt by the fact that his parents wanted him home schooled, but Joseph did his best to rebel. It was odd to be the type of kid that snuck out of the house to go to public school and make friends, but that was exactly what Joseph did. Teachers and fellow students alike thought it was amusing that he was so desperate to make friends and learn from other people that somehow, he managed to get a small group of friends. So for a long time, Joseph would sneak out, go to school, come home before his parents did, and then just keep on learning with them. It worked for a while, until it came time to apply for colleges, and while his parents didn't think he was ready to do so at age 16, Joseph presented them with his high school diploma that he got after skipping a few grades from a high test level.

Other than be amused and proud of their son for looking to further his education, his parents were pissed, and grounded him for six months while they figured out what to do. And when Joseph was cut off from all ways of the world, he started to create his own games, his own riddles to keep himself occupied while essentially being held prisoner. He started to manipulate anything he could to try to get himself a fresh outlook on things, and when he finally was allowed out for one day because of his 'good behavior', he had already gotten a backup plan set in place enough that he could escape the house and never look back. With help from a friend, Joseph packed everything he needed into a little duffel bag, tossed it out the back window to his friend, and while Joseph kept his parents occupied in telling them where he'd go and when he'd be home, his friend threw all of Joseph's things into a car. Joseph walked down the street, got into his friend's car, and never looked back.

After a few months, Joseph was able to get himself legally separated from his parents, and was given access to his vast wealth of trust fund money and other bonds given to him since he was a child. Now completely on his own, he did what any now 17 year old kid would do with all that money and no parents to hold him back...he applied to ivy league colleges. Okay, so he wasn't the typical kid, but he never really wanted to be. He learned the hard way that his desire to try to be accepted as normal wasn't always going to work out for him, and so he wasn't going to keep trying. So Joseph applied to Yale University and got in, and at first entered the University as an undecided student. What he ended up with was a Bachelors of Science in Political Science and a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics. Because what better way to find a way to combine his love of mysteries and puzzles than to go into political science and computer science? He could learn to see what made criminals tick, and then learn about what made technology tick. It was, to him, the perfect combination.

It proved to work out pretty well, and the socially awkward Joseph was able to find some solace in a group of friends that seemed to be just as socially awkward as he was. He had found friends to call his own, and he had started to grow passionate about his own cases and the like as well. As soon as Joseph graduated, he decided to go into law, because that seemed to be the ultimate puzzle of all, and so that was just the way he went. A Juris Doctor from New York University later, Joseph found himself looking for jobs he could do. While he could go and be a lawyer, that wasn't particularly interesting to him -- it was more that he had found it to be a challenge and wanted to prove that he could do it, and then he did. But being in New York was growing old, and with his family every now and then trying to contact him or take money from him, he decided it was time to move. So with applications out and accepted with Harvard Law, Joseph packed up his things and moved to Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston and Harvard proved to be good for Joseph, and he found a new life and a fresh outlook there. He found it easier to change his personality and blend into things as he could -- so he did what he could to make friends and find ways to get along with others. As he finished school in 2003, he immediately applied for Boston University, but this time in a different capacity: he wanted to be a College Professor. Because what better way to give back than mold the future minds of America? So Joseph Kerris-Edison became Professor Edison, and entered the Criminal Justice department as one of their faculty members. Ever since 2004, Joseph has been a part of the Boston University campus and staff and he hasn't wanted to change his career at all since he started there.

Of course, getting in with Boston University and getting tenure was easy, but there were things that he wished he could change. He was getting bored slightly, and he needed to change it up. So, he started to offer students a way to get away with things if they needed to - a bit of a How to Get Away With Murder type mentor-ship, minus all the overdone drama and the like. With this new way of looking at things, Joseph found himself getting more interested in helping mold the young minds of the youth because well...wasn't that what he was supposed to do? No reason why he couldn't have fun with it.

⤑ given name joseph nathan kerris-edison ⤑ other aliases joe, j, joe kerris, joe edison ⤑ comicverse The Joker ⤑ date of birth April 25, 1976 ⤑ birthplace brooklyn, new york ⤑ current residence Boston, Massachusetts education Masters of Laws • Harvard Law ⤑ occupation Co-Owner & Sales Director of Asylum of South End & The Morgue ⤑ former occupation Criminal Defense Attorney, Professor of Criminal Justice at Boston University ⤑ pets Greene
the joker
Detective Comics #168 (February 1951) revealed that he had been a criminal known as the Red Hood. In the story, the Red Hood falls into a vat of chemicals while escaping from Batman. He emerges with white skin, green hair, and a bizarre grin.

Though many have been related, a definitive history of the Joker has never been established in the comics, and his true name has never been confirmed. Nobody knows who the Joker truly is. The most widely cited back-story can be seen in Alan Moore's The Killing Joke. It depicts him as originally being an engineer at a chemical plant who quit his job to pursue his dream of being a stand-up comedian, only to fail miserably. Desperate to support his pregnant wife, Jeannie, the man agrees to help two criminals break into the plant where he was formerly employed. In this version of the story, the Red Hood persona is given to the inside man of every job (thus it is never the same man twice); this makes the inside man appear to be the leader, allowing the two ring-leaders to escape. During the planning, police contact him and inform him that his wife and unborn child have died in a household accident.

Stricken with grief, he attempts to back out of the plan, but the criminals strong-arm him into keeping his promise. As soon as they enter the plant, however, they are immediately caught by security and a fatal shoot-out ensues, in which the two criminals are killed. As he tries to escape, he is confronted by Batman, who is investigating the disturbance. Terrified, the engineer leaps over a rail and plummets into a vat of chemicals. When he surfaces in the nearby reservoir, he removes the hood and sees his reflection: bleached chalk-white skin, ruby-red lips, and emerald green hair. These events, coupled with his other misfortunes that day, drive the engineer through the massive personality shift that results in the birth of the Joker. (More found at the wikia source)

unlocked incentives Pain Resistance (AU & CV)
Joker Venom Immunity (AU & CV)
Cheating Death (AU & CV)
Regeneration (AU & CV)
5-U-93-R Pill (AU & CV)
      Superhuman Strength (AU & CV)
      Superhuman Durability (AU & CV)
Joker Venom
Telepathic Immunity
Green Eyes (AU & CV)
Joker's Joy Buzzer
Cosmic Awareness
Indomitable Will (AU & CV)
Advanced knowledge of Firearms
Escapology (AU & CV)
Genius Level Intellect
Poison Flower Brooch

Memories of Joker
Memories of Harley Quinn

locked incentives (powers/abilities) Tainted Blood
Tactical Analysis
Hand-To-Hand Combat

locked incentives (items) Joker Teeth
Various Joker Gadgets
Joker Cards

comic parallels
Both seem to have the same first inital of J, and both respond to "J" or "Mister J" at times.
Highly intellegent and mainly looks out for themselves.
Birthday is April 25 to connect with the first apperance of Joker in Batman #1.
Connections with various bat rogues & Batman.
Can get a bit obsessive when it comes to certain things; for Joe it's his work, and for Joker, it's his obsession with Batman/taking over Gotham.

education Bachelors of Science in Political Science
      Yale University (1993-1997)
Bachelors of Science in Computer Science & Mathematics
      Yale University (1993-1997)
Juris Doctor
      New York University (1997-2000)
Masters of Laws
      Harvard University (2000-2003)

formerly taught classes (2003 - 2017) MET CJ 602 Criminology
MET CJ 625 Victimology
MET CJ 520 Violence and Trauma
MET CJ 610 Cybercrime
MET CJ 684 IT Security Polices and Procedures
MET UA 507 Law and Justice in the City
MET CJ 656 Forensic Criminal Investigation

former teaching schedule (2003-2017) MET CJ 602 Criminology
      M/W, 3:00 to 4:45 PM
MET CJ 625 Victimology
      M/W/F, 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
MET CJ 520 Violence and Trauma
      T/TH, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
MET CJ 610 Cybercrime
      T, 6:00 PM to 9 PM
MET CJ 684 IT Security Polices and Procedures
      W/F, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
MET UA 507 Law and Justice in the City
      F, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
MET CJ 656 Forensic Criminal Investigation
      TH, 6pm - 9:00 pm
Full Class Schedule
facts Has a tendency to loathe anyone who is insanely selfish and only thinks of themselves. He's recently cut out a friend in his life for being more into her own issues and not realizing others may have it worse. He hates when people can't see past their own reflection, and will cut those people out of his life very quickly.

Can be a bit socially awkward when he meets new people, but as soon as he feels he's 'figured you out', he opens up a lot more and is a bit of a jokester. He loves awkward jokes and bad puns, and has the idea that if you're not laughing, you're not really enjoying life.

He can get bored pretty easily, and this means he goes to extremes to find excitement; be it going to an illegal gambling night, teaching students how to get away with things they shouldn't, or breaking the rules in some sort of way. He takes pleasure in causing a little chaos here and there.

Has a dog named Greene that he enjoys spending time with, yes he's a bit of a "dog dad" and he does not actually care what people think.

Because of how he is in his work at Boston University, he doesn't date co-workers or students out of fear of losing his job. As much as he likes to joke around, he enjoys the stability that being a professor brings him. Dating former co-workers or former students though, that's a slightly different story.

Sometimes gets involved in police investigations, due to his past as a former criminal justice attorney and his current love of the law. He's a highly respected man in his field, and likes to keep it that way.

Is related to Thomas Edison -- yes, that Thomas Edison. Which is a shame, because Joseph is so much more a Tesla fan.

Loves murder mysteries, so much that he's been running Murder Mystery Weekends with a close friend for a few months. Is considering making this a second job.

Recently, with the shifts, has started to wake up to find his apartment completely booby trapped. This is thanks to Joker wanting to fuck with Joe when he's not around, and it's recently made Joe's life a living hell. So, because of that, his life is now wildly complicated.